There's a zero percent chance Floyd Mayweather is going to lose to Jake Paul – Clay Travis | FOX BET LIVE

FOX Bet has Floyd Mayweather as the overwhelming favorite against Logan Paul on June 6th. The FOX Bet Live crew weighs in on Logan Paul’s chances against Money Mayweather.

39 MINUTES AGO・FOX Bet Live・4:05

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Is Micah Parsons the best bet to win Defensive Rookie of the Year? | FOX BET LIVE

FOX Bet has Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons is the favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. The FOX Bet Live crew make their picks for who will win.

AN HOUR AGO・FOX Bet Live・4:27

By |2021-05-06T19:06:16-04:00May 6th, 2021|News|

Clay Travis doubles down on saying Aaron Rodgers is going to the Denver Broncos | FOX BET LIVE

Aaron Rodgers is still the favorite to be the Green Bay Packers starter Week 1. Clay Travis makes the case for why he still thinks Aaron Rodgers is headed to Denver.

AN HOUR AGO・FOX Bet Live・5:51

By |2021-05-06T19:10:17-04:00May 6th, 2021|News|

FOX Bet Live spins the wheel to decide how the top AFC teams will finish next season

Over or Under on AFC teams. How will the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns fare?

31 MINUTES AGO・FOX Bet Live・6:36

By |2021-05-05T21:05:06-04:00May 5th, 2021|News|
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